Duties and Responsibilities

Sharing with the public in general academic, social and cultural services organized at the University.

Preparing the press releases of academic, social and cultural events organized within the premises of university and communicating with media outlets.

Monitoring academic, social and cultural events organized within the premises of university and promoting designed news-bulletins through contacting with the media outlets.

Tracking the media news, articles and programs that relate to the assigned position of our Rectorate; afflicted establishments and organizations of our University in order to inform concerned departments; compiling and archiving collected data in an organized manner.

In order to inform general public about the events organized by our Rectorate, preparing press releases, bulletins and announcements; organizing scheduled press meetings and devising documents to share with press members.

By responding to written and verbal information demands of press members, ensuring a correct and healthy flow of information between our University and media.

To announce informative and corrective statements about any misleading or incorrect news, articles and programs on matters that concern our University.

  • Organizing academic, social and cultural events scheduled to take place at the University.
  • Designing, printing and distributing brochures and written invitations for events.
  • Issuing event  announcement via  e-invitation and BHIM announcements
  • Arrangement of a Protocol (VIP) service for organized events.
  • Recording and archiving photographs and video-shots for the organized events.

Organizing from scratch Academic Year Opening Ceremony, University Foundation Anniversary Celebrations, Ceremony for Personnel Service-Awards, Graduation Ceremony and similar events.

Periodical updating of our University's internal and external lists of protocol.

Spreading of the news via BHİM Announcements page posted on our University website and updating the webpage of Directorate of Press and Public Relations.

Management of communication lists of our University.